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A Filosofia no Ensino Secundário

Novidades editoriais de interesse para estudantes e professores de Filosofia.

A Filosofia no Ensino Secundário

Novidades editoriais de interesse para estudantes e professores de Filosofia.

Filmes e os problemas filosóficos

Para todos aqueles que discordaram dos meus posts sobre a Formiga Z, eis uma lista que propõe alguns filmes para ilustrar problemas filosóficos. Nesta lista também aparece a Formiga Z, contrariando parcialmente a minha posição de que os métodos propostos pelo manual Pensar Azul para análise filosófica de problemas, são métodos vagos. E contradiz parcialmente visto que, nesta lista, a proposta do filme, aparece em o indivíduo versus sociedade / colectivo, que não corresponde de todo à tarefa que o manual em causa propunha. Mas esta lista também é útil para mostrar a controvérsia e discussão do programa de filosofia em Portugal, bem como das opções didácticas de alguns manuais. Um problema que merece de todo a discussão publica, pelo menos por parte dos agentes educativos ligados à filosofia. A lista foi elaborada por Barndon Rickabaugh, presidente da Philosophical Society de Santiago Canyon College.
Rolando Almeida

Skepticism and Radical Deception
            The Matrix
            Waking Life
            The Truman Show
            The Thirteenth Floor
            Vanilla Sky
            Total Recall
            The City of Lost Children
Externalism/Internalism about Well-Being and The Experience Machine
            Vanilla Sky
            Open Your Eyes
            The Matrix
            Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Aesthetic Value versus Moral Value (also: the nature of art)
            The Shape of Things
Deontology: overriding duties, absolute duties
            Les Miserables
Determinism, Free Will, and Morality
            Minority Report  (also good for phil. law and punishment theories)
            Matrix Reloaded
            Donnie Darko
            The Manchurian Candidate
The Individual versus Society or the Collective
            The Ballad of Cable Hogue
Death Penalty
            Dead Man Walking
            Dancer in the Dark
            Mr. Death
            The Life of David Gale
Totalitarianism, the Hayekian "End of Truth", Democide
            Animal Farm
            We the Living
            Fahrenheit 451
            Stolen Years
            Eternal Memory
Personal Identity
            The Man with Two Brains
            The Bourne Identity
            Being John Malkovich
            Dark City
            Who is Julia?
            Total Recall
            Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
            Ghost in the Shell
The Meaning of Life (including secular versus religious ideas)
            Wild Strawberries
Stealing Heaven
            The Fisher King
            The Meaning of Life
            Ghost World
            O Lucky Man
            SLC Punk!
            On the Beach
            Leaving Las Vegas
Sin and Redemption
            The Fisher King
General Ethics
          Breaking the Waves
          Dead Man Walking
          Seven Samurai
          The Confession
          Crimes and Misdemeanors
          The Shop on Main Street
          Mr. Klein
          Transport from Paradise
          Private Schultz
          Animal Farm
          Groundhog Day
          High Noon
          Quiz Show
          Angel Heart
          The Vanishing
          The Doctor
          Alexandre le bienheureux
          A Man for All Seasons
          The Verdict
          Fort Apache the Bronx
          Boyz in the Hood
          Do the Right Thing
           Angels & Insects
           The Ox-Bow Incident
           El Norte
           Lord of the Flies
           After Life 
           Crimson Tide
Matrix Revolutions or Reloaded  (Though the philosophy is awful.)
            Pretty much any Bergman film.
            Mulholland Drive
            Lost Highway
Philosophy of Religion
            Bruce Almighty (problem of evil)
The Last Temptation of Christ
            Life of Brian
            What Dreams May Come
            Winter Light
            Agnes of God
            Leap of Faith
            Jesus of Montreal
            Inherit the Wind
            Day of Wrath
Faith versus Reason
            Inherit the Wind
            Stalker (Tarkovsky)
            Au hazard balthazar
Nietzsche's Genealogy of Morals
 The Virtue of Integrity
            Kate and Leopold
            Lonely Are the Brave
            The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence
            Breaking the Waves
Altruism and self-interest/Moral risk
            Spider-Man 2
Contractarianism and the State of Nature
            Lord of the Flies
Contractarianism: Hobbes on seeking peace
Matrix Revolutions
Utilitarianism and International Politics
Relativism and Truth
            Hilary and Jackie
            Requiem for a Dream
The Problem of Evil
            Bruce Almighty
The Rapture
The Seventh Sign
            Dangerous Liaisons
            Sling Blade
            Dancer in the Dark
            Any Bergman film
Leaving Los Vegas
            Love and Death
            Crimes and Misdemeanors
            Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
            The Addiction
            I Heart Huckabees
Logic/Critical Thinking
            Twelve Angry Men
            The Usual Suspects
The Ethics of War
            The Thin Red Line
            Saving Private Ryan
            Full Metal Jacket
            Kelly's Heroes
            'Breaker' Morant
            Dr. Strangelove
            Failsafe.  (This is an often overlooked but good movie.)
            All My Sons
Philosophy of Mind
            Mind Walk
Irresponsibly Presented Misinterpretations of Quantum Mechanics
            What the Bleep Do We Know!?
Conceptual Thinking, Importance of
            Rain Man
Deontology versus Utilitarianism
            Quiz Show
            Jacob the Liar
            Extreme Measures
            Crimes and Misdemeanors
Human Rights
            In the Name of the Father
            The Battle of Algiers
            Schindler's List
            The Thin Blue Line
            The Battle of Algiers
            He Said/She Said
            The Usual Suspects
            Dark Star
Personhood/Moral Worth
          Blade Runner
          Star Trek: The Next Generation "The Measure of a Man"
          Elephant Man
          Brave New World
          Lathe of Heaven
          Le regle du jeu
          The Sacrifice
          Wings of Desire
          The Ascent
          Days and Nights in the Forest
          Cries and Whisper
Artificial Intelligence and Personhood
Ghost in the Shell
            He Said/She Said
            Thelma and Louise
            Boys on the Side
            Sense and Sensibility
            A Clockwork Orange
            Dark City
The Paradox of Hedonism, Moral Nihilism
            Cruel Intentions
            Natural Born Killers
            Dangerous Liaisons
Esthetic Subjectivism
Justice, Punishment
            The Shawshank Redemption (a good anti-Crito movie)
            Dead Man Walking
            The Count of Monte Cristo
Asceticism versus This-Worldliness/Secular Humanism
            Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

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